Features & Benefits

  • Combined qualities of screws, bolts, nuts, and nails
  • Applicable in most industries using fasteners
  • Assures global system quality and compatibility
  • Superior stability, grip, and axial alignment
  • One-, Two-, or Three-Piece fasteners pending application
  • Up to 180 degrees in angulation change
  • Fabricated from solid materials such as metals, plastics, rubbers, and ceramics
  • Act as an anchor to a secondary process such as a fixed or movable joint
  • Highly compatible lobe and wheel designs with an internal and external connection
  • Fasteners securely transported by the driver to its final location
  • Reliable one-handed, robotic, or automated application of fasteners at point of assembly
  • Magnetic bits or vacuum screw holders are not necessary
  • Virtually eliminates dropped fasteners in assembly area and/or throughout application placement and removal
  • Enables operator to place the fasteners more easily and reduces risk of cross threading or stripping
  • Meets or exceeds industry strength standards of conventional fasteners
  • Tamper-proof qualities with security implications
  • Hidden from view, restoration of esthetics, and isolation from environmental factors depending on application

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